Hailing from Lake Como, Italy, Otto Orlandi is a globally renowned multi-platinum music producer and DJ, whose exceptional talent and unwavering dedication have garnered widespread acclaim. Building upon his remarkable skill set as a ghost producer, Otto has solidified his position in the international music scene through a combination of conservatory studies and a mastery of sound design.

Immersed in revered recording studios such as Abbey Road Studios in London, Capitol Records in Los Angeles and X Level Studios in Stockholm, Otto Orlandi honed his production skills and collaborated with industry giants, forging an impressive portfolio of remarkable music. These prestigious environments served as catalysts for his artistry, enabling him to refine his craft and contribute to the creation of captivating and boundary-defying tracks.

Throughout his illustrious career, Otto has consistently delivered chart-topping hits that transcend genre boundaries. Collaborating with esteemed artists and major industry players like Sony Music Entertainment, his releases featuring notable talents such as Melanie Fontana, Ayah Marar and Thomas Newson have become emblematic of his ability to craft intriguing melodies, immersive arrangements and captivating sonic landscapes that resonate with audiences worldwide.

In 2016, Otto Orlandi demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen by founding his own record label, O Music Recordings. This bold move positioned him not only as an accomplished artist but also as an innovative business leader. Under O Music Recordings, Otto released music that has garnered millions of streams, further solidifying his reputation in the music industry and showcasing his astute business prowess.

Beyond his prowess as a producer, Otto’s DJ skills elevate his artistic repertoire, as he seamlessly blends his vast musical knowledge and exceptional taste to create unforgettable sets. His electrifying live performances forge a deep connection with audiences, leaving an indelible impression and establishing him as a captivating entertainer.

Recognized as a forward-thinking producer and respected figure in the industry, Otto Orlandi’s meticulous attention to detail, refined soundscapes and profound understanding of sonic aesthetics define his signature style. Driven by boundless passion and an unwavering dedication to his craft, he continually pushes artistic boundaries, ceaselessly seeking new avenues for creative expression.

With his remarkable achievements as a producer, DJ and entrepreneur, as well as the founding of O Music Recordings, Otto Orlandi blazes a trail toward a future filled with continued success and ground-breaking musical endeavors.